Clooney's Liar's Dice Online
The sun is up and your day has just begun. Play liar's dice online and have some fun.
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The Rules

This is a game of bluffing. Each player begins with 5 dice that only they can see.

The first player makes a bid for example "three 3s." The next player has 2 options. A higher bid can be made for example "three 6s" or "four 3s." Alternatively the player may call "Liar!" if he does not believe there are actually that many dice on the table.

When "Liar!" is called if the bidder was indeed lying then the bidder loses a die. If the bidder was not lying then the doubter loses a die.

Once your dice are gone you are out. The winner is the last liar standing.


1s are wild and act as the bid's die to increase the count. However, if the first bid of a hand is ever 1 then 1s are not wild.